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Beginners' Tribal Bellydance (ATS format)

In this weekly, continuous class we will be going through the very basics of ATS Belly Dance. We start with posture and simple conditioning and drills to wake up our bodies. Each week a new move will be introduced from the slow and fast groups of dance steps and we will look at the cues which will be integrated into the dance for later group improvisation. We will also be introducing the use of zills.

Level: Absolute beginner

When: Wednesdays  7.15pm

Where: HUBnub, Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY (the old church hall opp. Sun St Chapel)

Cost:  Payment is monthly and starts at £18/month.

Bookings: To book your place on the course, please email Barbara:

Or phone: 07716 351 171 

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So there I was, in Paharganj, Delhi, in all it's filth, sleaze, junkie, tout infested glory, having just bitten into my last Indian delicacy. I'd had my eye on

Chennai to Bangalore

Will there ever be a time when I can look at a blank screen/page and not be overwhelmed by where and how to begin? What to tell and what to omit? What to save for teatime stories on the couch? A singing nun once said

The Inaugural 'Spark Up'

As part of my commitment to sharing my two great passions, I will be hosting free, monthly workshops in either spinning poi or tribal bellydance.
The aim is simple.

Part 2...Varanasi

Next stop, Varanasi. What a funny, mad place. Arriving in Varanasi felt like arriving in India. Everything I'd ever been told about India, I managed to see here in just a few short days.

The Beginning...

Ok, so here I am in Bangalore, 3 months into my trip, I've maybe written 2 emails since departure and folks are starting to wonder what on earth I've been up to.

Sparklegirl Hits the Road for 2008!

This year I've been inspired to get on the road and take the opportunity to further explore a world of ancient and contemporary