The Inaugural 'Spark Up'

As part of my commitment to sharing my two great passions, I will be hosting free, monthly workshops in either spinning poi or tribal bellydance.
The aim is simple.
To share and to give those actively looking to try something new the opportunity that they seek.
Workshops can be held anywhere; a park, a rooftop, your living room, the beach, a festival and so on. It doesn't matter.
What does matter is that you take the step and HAVE A GO!!!
All you have to do is show up and I'll take care of the rest by creating a fun and informal atmosphere for you to play in.
To find out where the next Spark Up will take place, just keep an eye on this space.
You can "sponsor" a Spark Up too. Just email me for details.
Too easy!!
Last Tuesday saw the inaugural 'Spark up', held in Bangalore, India.
With enormous thanks to Manju, Sabitha & Co. for providing a truly magical and inspirational space, we were able to pull together this somewhat spontaneous gathering in just a couple of days.
With a new, tailor made flying skirt (thanks again M & S -I love it!), I was ready for some tribal goodness. It had been a long time since I'd worn this beautiful item of clothing and I'd forgotten the power it holds for drawing one to the dance.
After a short demo and chat about ATS, our 6 eager Sparkettes were ready to give it a burl. We started with some fast moves including a ¾ shimmy. I love sharing this move with new students as it never fails to get a giggle out of them and really, who can resist a good booty shake?!
All the girls had come directly from their work stations to Maaya for the workshop. When they walked in they seemed to be carrying the weight of a hard day’s work from their shoulders to the tips of their toes. What a delight it was to witness that layer of computer screen, flouro lit tension fall away as the class progressed. It hadn’t taken long at all and it had been so easy. What’s more, seeing their beaming smiles as they said goodbye to enjoy the rest of their evening in lightfooted ease, I felt confident that the Spark Up project was most definitely going to bring many similarly happy results.
What more could a SparkleGirl ask for?

Hip Bumps in Bangalore

Bangalore Sparkettes